is this okay?————————–?

Question by RockBottom101: is this okay?————————–?
i used a mens razor to shave my legs instead of a womans
is there a significan difference? does it grow back faster with a mens??

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Answer by Casey
No no no the only real difference is the wemons have a better contour soo ur okay my cousin thout the same

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Do you need a barber permit or liscensing to own/buy a straight razor?

Question by BIGgourami: Do you need a barber permit or liscensing to own/buy a straight razor?
I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere

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Answer by AndiGravity
Of course not. As far as I know, it is not illegal to possess any bladed object; it’s just illegal to carry a lot of them in public (check with your local police department on that one, they should be able to tell you the maximum allowable blade length and what not for carrying a knife).

Straight razors are hard to find these days because they have fallen far out of fashion as a shaving implement, so they aren’t really produced on a mass level like they used to be. They also tend to be a very expensive item to purchase, often costing in the hundreds of dollars for a good one.

And you don’t want to buy a cheaply made one… as any good chef will tell you, the quickest way to an injury is a cheap blade, and you’ll be raking this one across your throat. Make sure if you plan on using one that you get all the proper supplies to care for it, such as a razor strop, and know how to care for the blade and keep it in true.

Your best bet is to either check antique shops, specialty knife stores, upscale men’s retailers, or specialty shops online.

You might also try searching for wet shaving supplies.

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